Review Policy

I started this blog primarily to share my thoughts on books and would love to hear from publishers or authors about review opportunities. Before requesting, please keep the following in mind for a better understanding of my review process:

  • I cannot guarantee that I will review every book that is submitted as this site is maintained in my free time and I have other commitments that might prevent me from giving my full attention to each and every book.
  • I only review books that belong to the genres I’m familiar with and I am strongly opposed to accepting books outside of those as I may not be able to do the book justice. Exceptions are possible, but rare. My preferred genres, in order, are:
  1. Fantasy (especially high fantasy)
  2. Young Adult fiction
  3. New Adult fiction
  4. Mystery
  5. Crime fiction
  6. Thriller
  7. Historical fiction
  8. Utopian and dystopian fiction
  9. Adult fiction
  10. Self-help
  • I will try my level best to respond to each request regardless of whether I wish to review the book or not. However, if you don’t hear from me for more than 2 months, please accept my sincere apologies and regrets for not accepting your book for review. I’d highly appreciate it if you refrained from sending multiple requests and spamming my inbox.
  • I prefer eBooks to physical copies and accept only .epub and .mobi files. However, if an e-copy is unavailable, I do accept print copies but do not wish to disclose my shipping address publicly for security reasons. Please drop me an email for further details.
  • After accepting a book review request, please allow a time frame of 1-3 months for the review to be up on this site. I also guarantee that the same review will be posted on Goodreads. For posting the same in Amazon or the publisher’s website, please mention those specifically in the email and I’ll try to be as accommodative as possible.
  • I also have a profile on Net Galley. If the book is obtained from this site, I promise to put up a review on it at the earliest.
  • My book reviews will include the book title, author’s name, publishing details, how I obtained the book, a grade instead of a rating (inspired by the Harry Potter OWL grades) and my honest, unbiased thoughts about the book. I try to include an author bio at the end, so please provide the same in the email.
  • The grades are: T (Troll) – this book should not have been published, D (Dreadful) – disliked the book, P (Poor) – demerits outweigh the merits, A (Acceptable) – liked the book, E (Exceeds Expectations) – an impressive book, O (Outstanding) – loved the book!
  • Reviews of ARCs or galleys will not contain spoilers. I try to exclude spoilers in the reviews of published books as well but cannot guarantee it.
  • If I have received a book by an author or publisher and do not find it appealing after reading it, I will be conveying the same via email before posting a review to let you decide whether you wish for it to be published or not.
  • Once I have completed a book review, I do not sell or otherwise give away copies that I have obtained for free. This is much easier to do with e-copies, hence the preference.
  • I am not opposed to participating in blog tours or hosting author interviews, guest posts and giveaways, but I prefer to be notified at least a month in advance so as to work it into my schedule.
  • In return, I expect that you:
  1. do not interfere in the content of the post,
  2. do not disclose information such as my shipping address to others without my explicit permission,
  3. do not put me on your email list unless I consent to it,
  4. do not assume that I will be interested in or have the time to review other books published by the same author and send a separate request for each,
  5. do not ask for personal favours.
  • Please note that I will strictly not entertain requests that violate any of the conditions above and that I have the right to decline an offer without providing any reason for the same.

I thank you for your patience and appreciate the time you have put into reading my policy. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Some helpful links:

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