Discussion – How Big Is Your Bookshelf?

Often times when I state the fact that I’ve been reading since I was a kid, people tend to assume I have a great library back home. When I mumble something about e-books and using the library as a schoolgirl, I find that I myself am not convinced. I see bookworms on YouTube, the blogosphere, Twitter and Instagram (which I’m not involved in, but I see pictures shared elsewhere) and I start to feel incredibly guilty (also jealous) that I don’t have beautiful hardcover books (plus props, great backgrounds, lighting and an excellent camera) to share with the world. This post is all about me grappling with those feelings and coming to terms with being the kind of book lover who doesn’t own a ton of books.

Bookshelf Discussion

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Discussion – Do You Re-Read Books?

Welcome to my brand new Saturday discussion post! Doing reviews and book memes is well and good, but without a good interactive post, I felt like the blog was lacking something. In July, when I was making Harry Potter-themed Saturday posts, I did a discussion post on The Cursed Child. Due to its good reception, I’m planning to continue that, but with a broader scope. Today I’d like to discuss about the habit of re-reading that has been weighing on my mind lately. To participate in this, hit me up in the comments section below or if you think you have a lot to say, write up a post on your blog and do a pingback so I can read your thoughts on this (there is no deadline for that).

Re-Read Discussion

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Discussion – Do You Consider The Cursed Child Canon?

Welcome to another post in my Harry Potter themed monthly series! July always puts me in the mood for Harry Potter because it is J. K. Rowling and Harry’s birthday this month. Also, the 20th year celebrations that took place recently have given me plenty of reason to take a trip down memory lane. Today I’m opening up a discussion on one of the most controversial topics for fans of the series – Do you think Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is canonical? Sure, it is listed as the 8th book in the series and marketed as canon, but opinions on it differ greatly.

Note: This post contains spoilers for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!

HP Cursed Child

Personally, I like to pretend this book doesn’t exist. I haven’t watched the play, but many have praised it and it has won several awards. I think I’d have liked it better if it had remained only a play. I didn’t need it as an addition to my beloved seven-book Harry Potter series.

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