Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Resolutions/Goals

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together. How it works is that each Tuesday the host assigns a topic and then posts their top ten list that fits the topic. Every blogger can create their own top ten (or 2, 5, 20, etc.) list as well and link to the host’s. The topic for January 16th, 2018 is: Top Ten Bookish Resolutions or Goals.

TTT #3

  1. Read 52 books – That translates to a book a week, which I’m sure I can achieve. This is also the number for my Goodreads Challenge of 2018.
  2. Read more diversely – I had heard of the diversity bingo last year but I’m disappointed to see it isn’t happening this year, or if there is, it hasn’t been announced yet. However, I’ll try to design my TBRs so that I can include more diverse books and base that off of last year’s prompts.
  3. Read more by Asian/Asian-American authors – There’s an amazing blog called Lit CelebrAsian that encourages people to read more by authors of Asian heritage. They have a book club and do a bunch of stuff to promote Asian authors. I want to support them by joining in the book club and in other ways I’m yet to think of.
  4. Read more by authors I’ve loved in the past – I’ve read one or two series by a few authors long ago and then just forgotten about them, such as Cornelia Funke, Jonathan Stroud and Brandon Sanderson. I know that the rest of their books are amazing from all the reviews on Goodreads, so I really need to be better at checking out their more recent releases.
  5. Catch up on reviews – There’s a backlog of reviews pending from last year on Goodreads that I really need to finish before I forget everything about those books. I also have to post them on the blog as they include some of my favourites and I really want to talk about them here. I’m going to try and do 2018 along with 2017 reviews so that the list doesn’t get out of control.
  6. Read more science fiction – I discovered that this genre is my cup of tea after reading Illuminae and The Martian last year. I want to check out YA titles first and then branch into the adult ones just because YA is so much easier to read for me personally.
  7. Read more non-fiction titles – It’s really easy for me to fall down the fictional rabbit hole, so this year I need to dig myself up and read more about the topics that interest me. I think Cosmos by Carl Segan will be my first attempt at this in 2018, but I could just as easily pick some other book depending on my mood, so don’t take my word for it.
  8. Blog consistently – This is obviously not a reading goal, but a blogging one and it counts because it’s still bookish, as are the rest on this list. I really want to see this blog scale new heights and share my love for reading with all of my lovely regular audience, so this one is a priority.
  9. Improve my Bookstagram feed – I feel like I’m doing quite well for someone who started in December, but I know I can do better. Here’s to hoping I’ll find the time, the correct props, good lighting and learn more about photography so as to achieve this.
  10. Tweet more bookish content – I somehow need to find time to get more involved in the vibrant book community on Twitter. I basically want to be the next Paper Fury, who has obviously found a way to juggle blogging, writing and staying on top of social media through dark magic, so I need to get her to spill her secrets.


CommentsWhat is your top bookish goal for this year? Is there a new genre you’d like to start reading or read more of? Are you going to increase your social media presence or trying to stay off it? If you’ve already written a full-length post about this, leave the link in the comments section below so I can check it out.

21 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Resolutions/Goals

  1. Good luck with your goals!

    I’d also like to do more on Instagram, but I’m finding myself busier in real life! But luckily I’ve managed to convince Krysta to post on our account once in a while. :p

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    1. Thank you, Briana. 🙂 I completely understand getting busy with real life. After all, that’s why I was missing from the blogosphere for a while. It’s a good thing that Krysta is able to help out. I love your blog as well as Bookstagram. 🙂

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  2. Yes to reading more Asian books! Specifically Filipino books for me, because I’m Filipino and I want to support Filipino authors. Regarding your resolution to read more YA sci-fi, I’d like to recommend my all-time favorite trilogy that falls under that genre and classification: The Touchstone Trilogy by Andrea K. Host. It’s self-pubbed and I believe the first book, Stray, is free on Amazon to encourage more readers to pick it up.

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    1. It’s great that you’re planning to support more authors from your country. That’s a great goal that I wish more people would aim for, rather than follow the herd. There’s great literature everywhere, I’m sure.
      Thanks for the recommendation! 🙂 Who can resist a good series and a free book? Not me at least. 😂


  3. Goodluck ! 💝​
    I still have some problems with indicating if something is a diverse book or not by myself ? like, I need to be told .-. To be honest I don’t even know if something is YA or NA either xD so I guess it’s just a matter of time as I just started seeing it aborded like that or something ? hopefully !

    I haven’t done it like this, but I did a “This year goals/resolutions” which included my bookish/bloggish ones aswell ! 🙂 here it is if you’re interrested;

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    1. Diverse books basically include any book in which not all the characters are straight, cis and white. It’s a very general description though, so you can always Google it for more info. Usually reading the synopsis will give you a good idea of whether a book is diverse (ex: The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue) or, sometimes from the cover itself (ex: When Dimple Met Rishi). I’m not sure what the divide between YA and NA is either. I just look up how it’s shelved on Goodreads and go from there.
      Thanks for leaving me a link! I’ll surely check it out. 🙂

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  4. I used to read a lot more science fiction when I was younger. Have you read A Wrinkle In Time? I think I’d technically call it childrens and not YA, but the movie comes out in March and it’s a good, quick classic sci-fi read. 🙂

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    1. I did read the first book. Unfortunately, I feel like I’d have liked it a lot more if I’d read it as a child. I hate it when I feel like I’m too old for a book. 😭 Like the plot was a little too convenient to be believable and I just couldn’t lose myself in the story. It was still a great read though! I’m very excited to see what they do with the movie. 🙂

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    1. I’d never heard of that one! I don’t know what it is, but I don’t like sci-fi involving aliens. I like ones like The Martian or Interstellar where there’s a large human component so that I can relate. But I’ll at least look it up in Goodreads to see if the synopsis is intriguing. 🙂

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  5. malanielovesfiction

    everyone always loves the martian, but scifi and I have a weird relationship so I’ve been putting it off ❤ I think my goal is 52, too!!! So The Martian could definitely make an appearance 🙂

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    1. I don’t enjoy the classic robot or alien kind of sci-fi as well. I don’t know why I find that off-putting. I’ll try to read more before ruling them out completely though.
      The Martian is a great book for those who have an interest in science, space travel and survival, but don’t really know hard-core science. The human element in it is what makes the book rather than its sci-fi element. I’d encourage you to give it a shot. Perhaps you’ll grow to enjoy it. 🙂 Ooh, goal twins! 😁

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  6. Reading more diversely is definitely on my goal too, and also thank you for the Asian literature blog rec! Cornelia Funke is one of my favourite authors when I was a teenager, her books were the very few ones I always beg my parents to buy 🙂 it’s been a while since I read her novels, I wonder if I would enjoy them as much as I loved them as a child!

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  7. “Read more by authors I’ve loved in the past” – this is a great goal! I have a shelf on Goodreads that’s something like “favourite authors TBR” but I’ve never thought about making it a goal. I’ve been thinking about it lately after telling some new friends who my favourite authors, and then realizing it’s been years since I read some of their works, or that they have a lot of books I still haven’t read ^^;

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    1. Yeah, that happens to me too! I recommend books to people by those I consider my favourite authors and I just haven’t gone beyond their must popular series. That’s why I made it a goal this year. I hope this insipires you to do the same! 🙂


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