Top Three Thursdays #22 – Ways to Improve My Reading Life

Hello and welcome! This is my weekly series, Top Three Thursdays, or, for convenience, TTT. Every week I discuss my top three in any bookish topic. If you’d like to participate, write up a post on your blog and leave a link to it in the comments below.

The topic for today (28/09/17) is: Ways to Improve My Reading Life

It is a universally acknowledged fact that there is no such thing as too many books. As bookworms, we struggle with trying to scale that TBR mountain, find enough bookshelf space and make more time to read. Here are three ways that I’ve come up with to improve my reading life.

1. Buy more physical books

It is ironic that for someone who reads so much, my bookshelves are pretty bare. In fact, I don’t even have a proper bookshelf. Now that I get paid more than enough, I need to start buying the books that I absolutely love and start my collection. Being in India has certain constraints, especially if I have to buy hardcover books, as they need to be imported many a times. However, as a book addict who is a sucker for pretty covers, clicking the ‘Buy’ button won’t be too hard a habit to build.

2. Make more time to read

With the new job comes a very hectic schedule and less time to read. Add to that the stress of commuting every day and I can pretty much get no reading done over the weekdays. I’m planning to get audiobooks so I can read as I travel, but since most audiobooking companies operate only within the US, it is tough to obtain them for latest releases. I’m trying to free up more time during weekends and such to get more reading done. Hopefully, that will work out well for me.

3. Stick to my TBR plan

This is one of the hardest things for me to follow. Although I plan which books to pick up next, I end up randomly reading others that were not even on the list to begin with. I continuously add every promising new book to my TBR on Goodreads, which is getting out of control each day. The only cure is to actually stick to the plans I make for myself. I’m going to strictly enforce this and discipline my mind so that my TBR doesn’t end up suffocating me.


What are some of the ways you can improve your reading life? Are there any reading resolutions you want to revisit? Let me know in the comments section below.

4 thoughts on “Top Three Thursdays #22 – Ways to Improve My Reading Life

  1. I should adopt a version of your “stick to my TBR plan.” I’ve strayed from my own “reading priorities” plan because of ARCs I’ve either won or received lately. And who doesn’t want to read a book before most of the rest of the world does? But it also means I haven’t read any older books or “market research” novels for a couple weeks. So after this last ARC I’m planning to start tonight, I’ll get back to balancing out the new books with the other two categories.

    I’d also like to start reading earlier at night. Not too much earlier; maybe 15 or 20 minutes. But I have a bad habit of trying to cram in too many things at night, and end up either falling asleep while reading or going to bed later than I’d hoped to. :/

    Good luck with your own resolutions, Nandini!

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      1. Yes, well… there’s still a big difference between knowing I need to change something and actually making that change. Making the leap from thought to action isn’t always easy. Either that, or I’m lazy. *lol*

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