Summer BiBib Day #3 – The Villain’s Synopsis


This is probably my best week of blogging. Today’s challenge is hosted by Dominique from Pirates and Pixie Dust. It’s such a refreshing and interesting challenge that really got me thinking. Here’s the challenge in the creator’s own words:

For today’s blog challenge, we’re going to write a synopsis! You’ll find the regular synopsis on the back of the book, the inside jacket flap, or on Goodreads. Now, that’s all fine and dandy, but we always get the story from the protagonist’s perspective.


the back of the book was written from the villain’s point of view?

Well. I’m glad you asked! Because this is exactly what our challenge is today!


The book I picked for this is The Final Empire (Mistborn #1) by Brandon Sanderson. The villain in this trilogy is a rather complicated character. I could almost sympathise with his intentions. Here’s what the book’s synopsis would look like in his perspective:

He had given them thousands of years of peace and in turn they worshipped him as the Lord Ruler. That is until now, when mysterious attacks on the lowly peasants, the Skaa, began to kill them in large numbers. They had started to grow restless under his rule and plot their own revenge. The man leading them was the most ruthless of them all, Kelsier. Along with his band of misfits and his Mistborn powers, this delusional man had dared to shake the foundations of his empire.

But Rashek had wisdom and powers that were far older and greater than any that challenged him now. As long as he had his Inquisitors beside him, he was invincible. However, worry gnawed at him constantly as the little Mistborn girl, whose existence had recently come to his notice, joined ranks with Kelsier in a bid to kill him. Suddenly, Rashek discovered, that his immortality didn’t guarantee immunity against death. Nor could he make his enemies see the fine balance that he had maintained for so long that could mean the end of the world if he were to be eliminated.

I’m not entirely too sure how accurate this synopsis is as I’ve read this book nearly two years ago, but I’ve done the best that I can. If you know anything about this trilogy, let me know how well done you think it is. Are you participating in the Biannual Bibliothon blog challenges? What did you think of this one? Share your thoughts with me on the comments section below.

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